Sustainable Tourism Practices

  • Eighty five percent of our electricity is provided by solar power and refrain from using high electricity drawing appliances such as: coffee makers, microwave ovens, hair dryers and air conditioning.
  • We use low light fluorescent bulbs and reduce light pollution which affects birds’ migration and nocturnal animals’ patterns.
  • Hiring Belizean staff and provide training in the Tourism Industry.
  • Helping create cottage industry in furniture making and marketing mostly Belizean made products in our giftshop.
  • Growing our own fresh organic fruits and vegetables seasonal.
  • Free range chickens producing our own fresh organic eggs.
  • Purchasing of locally made food, beverages, cleaning products, locally grown fruits and vegetables when possible and practical.
  • Composting organic waste.
  • Supplying potable water.
  • Recycling all glass bottles and plastic bottles when possible and purchasing products with the least packaging possible.
  • Utilizing cloth napkins rather than paper for dining services.
  • Utilizing renewable resources, training staff in sustainable cutting of leaves, sticks for roofings and replanting indigenous hardwoods.
  • Using biodegradable laundry detergents and limiting water waste.
  • Limiting amount of biodegradable pesticides used on premises.
  • Aiding community in waste management.
  • Placing all septic at a strategic distance from the river to assure no leaching.
  • Maintaining the major portion of the property natural to insure wildlife habitat and leaving corridor to allow wildlife passage to the river.
  • Gravity fed showers are a huge part of our water conservation efforts.
Supporting locally produced arts and craft.